Sourcing & Acquisition

In brief:

Targeted, insight led, research to identify individuals through information in the public domain and networking in the market.

The engagement of talent to attract and validate their suitability.

A consultative approach to inform the process and deliver a shortlist of candidates for single or multiple opportunities.

Headhunting with a twist, but not the sting!


A qualified shortlist of candidates with relevant background information.

Ownership of the full talent pipeline - all individuals identified, outputs of engagement conversations and foundation of a talent bank for future hires.

Market analysis to inform current and future people strategies.

In-house team retains ownership and control of the candidate journey


Simple - costs based on time and materials, not cost per hire.

Supporting our clients direct hiring strategies through a research led approach to sourcing and engaging with talent. Whether there is a need to add capacity to your in-house function, or manage a discreet assignment, our team is experienced in using a variety of sourcing methodologies to identify and then engage talent for multiple hires of executive positions.


Acting as an extension to our clients talent acquisition function, we use our existing knowledge of the talent market and insight gained through the course of an assignment to consult and inform hiring strategies. This includes formation of target lists and the recommendation of candidates for interview.


Our approach to Sourcing & Acquisition provides a full view of the talent market, the engagement and qualifications of individuals and a recommendation on suitable candidates, allowing our clients to focus their time on a high-touch candidate experience.


As our commercials are based on time and materials not cost per hire, with our clients owning the insight and talent data we gather, we are proven at delivering a strong return on investment. This is especially the case when supporting in the recruitment of experienced hires and executive appointments.

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